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Our Fleet

Weepa!  ProKat 2860 Pro Series


YEAR: 2002

TYPE: Power

BRAND: Pro Sports

CATEGORY: Power Catamarans/Power Cat

MODEL: Prokat 2860 CC

LENGTH (LOA): 29' 1" (8.86m)

BEAM: 9' 8"

DRAFT: 13"

Our Crew






YEAR: 2002

BRAND: Yamaha

SIZE (EACH): 225 hp

FUEL TYPE: Gasoline

Our Fleet

Captain Enrique Fernandez

           Capt. WEEPA!

Captain Fernandez has over 30 years of boating experience.

     Among many positions Capt. Fernandez has been boating in        the Puerto Rican East Islands, the Keys and US & BVI  Islands.

You will feel at home in a family atmosphere that we call the WEEPA! Experience. 


 Its not Akuna Matata, but it's still a wonderfull world and we encourage living it at its fullest, Weepa Style.

 Your day will be filled with adventures, with magnificent Sunrise and Sunsets that will mark the journey to new and exciting experiences and memories.

 You will experience first-hand views of wildlife and unspoiled         beaches that await for your visit.  When we meet, please greet us with a big and loud WEEPA!  We will reciprocate and encourage your greeting.

Capt. Fernandez (Weepa!), Copy and Out...

Our Captain
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